Carlotta Pesce with Cuoghi Corsello

Studio Carlotta Pesce participate to The Others Art Fair

5 – 8 Novembre 2015, Turin

Studio Carlotta Pesce will be taking part in The Others, an Italian exhibition dedicated to emerging international contemporary art, to be held in Turin from 5th to 8th November, with a a project devised and created especially for the occasion by Cuoghi Corsello in the guise of their alter egos Suf! and Ck8.

The Others constitutes a privileged observatory of international emerging creativity, designed to promote anticonventional and experimental research. For this reason Cuoghi Corsello have decided to sign the project with their pseudonyms Suf! and Ck8, codenames which in the world of writers are called tags.

Inseparable in life and art, Monica Cuoghi, born in Mantua but Bolognese by adoption and Claudio Corsello, Bolognese, live and work in Bologna. Their personal and artistic relationship began at the end of the eighties in the halls of the Academy of Bologna and developed like a metropolitan fairytaleTheir very personal research, in constant and dynamic evolution, coherently took on different ways of working, using constantly changing techniques and materials: from graffiti inscribed illicitly on the walls of the city to painting, from photography to video art, from assembling “found“ materials to sculpture and performance.

Art and life intermingled and complemented each other in a secluded radical creative underground journey, difficult to define and often declared outside the officialdom of the market and institutions. For twelve years, spanning the millennium, they lived in abandoned industrial buildings, furnishing them with loving care with waste objects and materials and transforming them into laboratories of artistic research and meeting places. Surreal, suggestive places where daily life was lived as a performance, far from bourgeois habits such as running water and central heating.

The  poetic and visionary universe of Cuoghi Corsello, full of magical and fantastic relationships, is inhabited by characters who seem to belong to the enchanted world of cartoons. First among of all them is Pea Brain, the famous stylised duck who invaded the walls of the city of Bologna in the nineties and is still visible on the fencing beside the railway lines. And then there are Suf! and CaneCotto, Petronilla, Nonno Degrado, Schifio, Quadrupede and Bello.  Dreamlike creatures who often leave two-dimensional surfaces to become three-dimensional sculptures.