Carlotta Pesce in her studio, 2010 Carlotta Pesce in her studio, 2010

Carlotta Pesce in her studio, 2010

My consultancy activity consists of:

  • assisting the private art collector, company or foundation to create a high quality contemporary art collection which reflects their taste, interests or identity;
  • assuring the collector the most important and representative art works by the best contemporary artists, at the right price;
  • offering a guide to novices in the complex and increasingly globalised world of contemporary art, selcting high quality works which may also represent an economic investment.

Building a collection is an extremely personal endeavour; so I am keen on establishing a direct personal relationship with my clients, in order to understand, but also to mould their taste, offering support for all aspects of their collecting activities: from the choice of works of art to negotiating discounts to transportation, installation and conservation.

My clients benefit from my deep knowledge of the history of art as well as of the art market, professional experience and an important network of some of the most respected protagonists of the international art system: art dealers, museum directors, critics, curators, auction house personnel and collectors.

I keep myself constantly up to date professionally by frequent trips to the most important art capitals of the world to attend exhibitions, art fairs, biennales as well as visiting private collections and artists’ studios, allowing my clients to make knowledgeable decisions.