Flavio Favelli and Carlotta Pesce

Flavio Favelli and Carlotta Pesce

Studio Carlotta Pesce is pleased to present:

FLAVIO FAVELLI Come into my life

Opening 11 October 2014, 6 – 10 pm
Casa Zanello, Via Belle Arti 31, Bologna

Studio Carlotta Pesce is pleased to present Flavio Favelli’s personal exhibition entitled Come Into My Life, which refers to the famous song from the eighties by the American singer/songwriter, Joyce Sims.
The location for this project is a place not designated to art, a place conceived neither for an exhibition nor an audience: a Bolognese domestic space, on the first floor of Via Belle Arti 31 (31 Fine Arts Street) now bare and uninhabited. The idea for this exhibition was born immediately in this completely empty family environment, pervaded by a feeling of melancholy, where the only presence are the marks left on the walls by antique objects which have been removed.

The empty rooms of the house in Via Belle Arti 31 (31 Fine Arts Street) tell stories of the past, preserve secret, invisible memories, and reveal a strong correspondence with the poetic universe of Flavio Favelli in which the images of his individual memory intertwine with the collective memory of his country. Images charged with the emotional suggestions that recall the artist’s personal experience in parallel with the historical and cultural events of Italy in the sixties [JL1] and seventies. Favelli tirelessly collects objects, from antiques to junk, the furniture and everyday objects that were the backdrop to his difficult and lonely childhood. Through deconstruction and assembly the artist transforms and recomposes fragments of furniture, lighting fixtures, mirrors, flooring, railings, bottles, pottery, rugs and neon lights, creating evocative sculptures and installations. Through decomposition and juxtaposition he realizes fragmented images that give life to new visions. In this way collages of stamps, postcards, sweet wrappers and picture cards take shape.

The large environmental collages and luminous installations evoking private memories of the artist’s life and elements of the pop culture of the seventies and eighties find their perfect collocation amongst the shadows and traces of the past on the walls of the house in Via Belle Arti 31 (31 Fine Arts Street).

Flavio Favelli was born in Florence in 1967, he lives and works in Savigno (Bologna). He is one of the greatest protagonists of the last few generations of the Italian artistic scene. He has taken part in two Biennials in Venice: the 50th (“Stowaways” by F. Bonami) and the 55th (“Vice versa”, Italy Pavilion by B. Pietromarchi). He has held exhibitions in prestigious public and private spaces in Italy and abroad. His works are present in important public and private collections such as the Gallery of Modern Art and the Sandretto King Rebaudengo Foundation in Turin; Mambo, Bologna Trade Fair and Furla Foundation in Bologna; La Maison Rouge and Antoine De Galbert Foundation in  Paris; La Gaia Collection in Cuneo; Civic Art Collection and Milan Trade Fair in Milan, MACRO and Nomas Foundation in Rome; the Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce in Genoa; the Zabludowicz Collection in London; the Elgiz Collection in Istanbul and the Unicredit Bank Collection; in 2008 the MAXXI Museum in Rome bought one of his large installations entitled “The Third Room”.