Foto dell’allestimento

URV–ARÂ “Warlock’s Wake”. Video, 7’52’’

January 2010

For the opening of Studio Carlotta Pesce I presented a preview of the latest video by Tessa M. Den Uyl: Warlock’s Wake, as well as new photographic works. In recent years the artist, who was born in 1973 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, has asserted herself as one of the most interesting young video artists. The video is part of the project URV-ARÂ, a continuing work in progress made up of a series of episodes which may be viewed separately or as a single work. URV-ARÂ means “fertile land” in Sanskrit. With this expression the artist wanted to concretise the idea that fertile land can suggest and evoke the fertility of ideas. Nehellenia, a character inspired by an antique Dutch divinity, protector of sailors, who appeared in previous episodes of URV-ARÂ (Rumbowling part II, The land of Mourn, Prologue of the Famous Shipper), reappears in this film and is played by the artist herself.

Tessa M. Den Uyl (1973 Utrecht, The Netherlands) lives and works in Paterno, Florence.
Since the end of the Nineties she has taken part in significant national and international exhibitions. Some of the most recent include: 2009 FRAGILE ‘Fields of Empathy. Daejeon Museum of Art, South-Korea; Off and Free Filmfestival. Korean Film Archive, Seoul, South Korea; Incontri 2. L’accademia d’Ungaria Palazzo Falconieri, Rome; 2008 Voyage Sentimental . Poznan Biennale, Poland; The Bearable Lightness of Being – the Metaphor of Space. Palazzo Pesaro Papavava, Biennale for Architecture, Venice ; Micro – narratives, Tentation des petites réalités. Musee d’art Moderne, St. Etienne, France; 2007 48th October Salon – Temptation of small realities – micro communities. Belgrade, Serbia; Spazio.Tempo territori della mente . Fortezza da Basso, Florence; 2006 URV-ARÂ. La Perla per l’arte contemporanea. Lugano, Switzerland; Il diavolo del focolare. Triennale, Milan; Giardino – Luoghi della piccola realtà. PAN Palazzo delle Arti, Naples; 2005 Jianghu 3 video exhibition. Lijiang Studio, Kunming, China.

Her most recent personal exhibitions include: 2006 URV-ARÂ, Lia Rumma Gallery, Milan; 2005 Rumbowling part II, Patrizia Pepe factory Prato.